Thursday, January 28, 2016


Anyone with the Forbidden Lore skill now has the two specializations mentioned
below, they are the core history and knowledge gained from Forbidden Lore.

Forbidden Core Lore (Free): "Heresy" & "The Horus Heresy and the Long War".

Forbidden Specilization Lore:
typical Ordo Hereticus: "Mutants", "Psykers", "Foundation"
typical Ordo Xenos: "Arcaeotech", "Xenos", "Singularity"
typical Ordo Malleus: "Chaos Marines", "Warp", "Daemonology"

All other Forbidden Lore specializations than the 11 mentioned above; are now
renamed and treated as Banned Lore (see "regarding banned lore" below).

Be warned that; when you learn the Forbidden Lore skill you also heighten
your risk of gaining "Corruption" & "Insanity" points (DH, p. 285).


Only the eleven Forbidden Lore specialisations mentioned above in the paragraph "Regarding Forbidden Lore", are still concidered Forbidden Lore. All other former Forbidden Lore specializations are now considered Banned Lore.

Banned Lore is the part of Common- or Scholastic-Lore that is banned by the Empire. And as opposed to Forbidden Lore, Banned Lore dosn't highten the risk of gaining "Corruption" & "Insanity" points. In order to dig out banned-lore from a common- or scholastic-lore skill; You roll a Common- or Scholastic-Lore skill-test with a typical penalty of 20. The penalty can be reduced (GM's discretion).

There is two former Forbidden Lore specializations that demands speciel attention. "Criminal Cartels and Smugglers" is now Banned Lore rolled under any Common Lore specialization that targets a major political or economical organization. "Pirates" is now Banned Lore rolled under the Common Lore specialization "Rogue Traders".

[ Release of DH2's "Enemy Beyond": 28. January 2016 ]

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