Wednesday, October 7, 2009


When calculating the warp-stream multiplier of a warp-jump executed between two nodes, the calculation is primarily defined by the slowest node of the two. If the nodes are one rank apart use the slowest, if three ranks apart use the slowest rank plus one rank. When the departure-node and the destination-nodes are two ranks apart, the one in the middle sets the difficulty of travel.


Travelling from a delta- to an alpha-node (3 apart) = gamma-stream.
Travelling from a gamma- to to an alpha-node (2 apart) = beta-stream.
Travelling from a delta- to a gamma-node (1 apart) = delta-stream.
Travelling from an alpha- to an alpha-node (0 apart) = alpha-stream.

Delta node/stream: x8
Gamma node/stream: x4
Beta node/stream: x2
Alpha node/stream: x1

Jump within Subsector (surface jump): weeks
Jump within Sector (deep jump): months
Jump within Segmentum (abyssal jump): seasons
Jump within Galaxy (nucleus jump): years

[ Release of "Rogue Trader 1ed": 7. Oct. 2009 ]

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